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A Qing Chinese Black And Green Lacquer Altar Table. Shandong 1830-1840

A Qing Chinese Altar table with everted ends on the top, square legs with stretchers. Original lacquer, black with green lacquer top. Natural age-related patina which is highlighted by a light clear lacquer finish. Shandong Province, China, 1830-1840.

A Set Of 4 Red Metal Tolix Chairs. Design By Xavier Pauchard

A set of 4 French Tolix chairs. Design by Xavier Pauchard, 1934. Original color, good natural patina. This model is

I.L. Jensen. Painting: Still Life With Grapes And Wine On A Table. Signed

I.L. Jensen 1800-1856. Still Life with grapes, wine, pine cone and ivy on a Table. Silver frame. Signed I.L. Jensen Roma 1834

Ivory Parts Of A Religious Procession Figure

Ivory body parts of a religious procession figure: Head, hands and feet. Procession figure from Catholic Church in the Philippines 1800-1900th century. The Philippines was a Spanish colony 1565-1946. The body itself was presumably made of wood.

Johannes Hansen For Knabstrup. Pair Of Large Ceramic Figurines Of A Boy And Girl.

Pair of large ceramic figurines. Designed by Johannes Hansen (1903-1995) and manufactured by Knabstrup ceramic factory in Denmark. The pair of sculptures consist of a kneeling girl holding a bird and a boy playing harmonica. The figurines are made of dark chamotte clay without glaze. The figurine of the boy has a firing crack on the backside of the base.

O.A. Hermansen. Large Flower Painting

O.A. Hermansen (Oluf August Hermansen), Danish painter 1849-1897. Oil on canvas, unsigned. Large flower painting. Classic set-up with two columns and flower garlands hanging in blue silk ribbon in between. In the middle, a glass carafe with flowers. O.A. Hermansen is best known for his flower and landscape paintings and also for his work as a porcelain painter at Bing and Grondahl.