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Anker Hoffmann “Woman Resting”, Bronze Sculpture With Green Patina

Anker Hoffmann, 1904-1985. Bronze statue, "Woman Resting". Green patina. Signed with monogram. No. 4/7. Original condition.

Ferdinand Barbedienne Bronze Sculpture Of Diana Of Gabii

Ferdinand Barbedienne 1810-1892. A brown patinated bronze statuette after the antique of "Diana of Gabii" Signed F. Barbedienne. Barbedienne foundry mark on base. Excellent condition with original dark patina.

Gilded Buddha Sculpture Seated On Naga Throne

Gilt bronze Buddha depicted in meditation pose sheltered by a Naga (a seven-headed snake). The tradition about Nagas is common in all the Buddhist countries in Asia. The story origins in the legend of the Naga who emerged from under the earth and used its body to provide shelter and protection for the meditating Buddha during a mighty rainstorm. Original condition, gilding and red lacquer. The Bangkok period, mid 19th century.

Gottfred Eickhoff Patinated Bronze Sculpture

Gottfred Eickhoff 1902-1982. Patinated bronze sculpture of a young woman sitting on rock. Signed Eickhoff 46 Stamped: L.R.20, Cire Perdue (casting technique).

Italian Marble Sculpture Bust Of Emperor Hadrian

Italian Marble Sculpture Bust of Emperor Hadrian (Aelius Traianus Hadrianus). Italy 1700-1800. A very impressive portrait of the roman Emperor Hadrian. Head sculpted in white Statuario Carrara marble and bust in Pavonazzetto marble. Original age-related marble with a very powerful expression and charisma.