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Rare Bronze Naga Buddha Statue

Rare bronze Buddha depicted in meditation pose sheltered by a Naga (a seven-headed snake). The tradition about Nagas is common in all the Buddhist countries in Asia. The story origins in the legend of the Naga who emerged from under the earth and used its body to provide shelter and protection for the meditating Buddha during a mighty rainstorm.

Venus Genetrix, Life-Size Bronze Statue

A copy cast in bronze in 2016 at the world famous Foundry, Fonderia Mariani, in Pietrasanta in Tuscany. Height with base 160 cm. The copy is based on a marble statue that since 1896 has been part of the antiquities collection at the Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. Formerly at Palazzo Guggenheim in Venice. The Venus, also known as the Louvre/Napoli type after two of the best known replicas, is one of the most copied statues since the early roman period. It is copied on coins, gems, reliefs and statues, and in Italy used as the body for roman female portraits.

Victorian Terracotta Dog Statue, England 1880-1890

Impressive hand-painted terracotta dog. Victorian, England 1880-1890. In Original perfect condition.