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Bindesbøll Ceramic Vase

Thorvald Bindesbøll ceramic vase (Unique). Polychrome colors. Signed and dated "Thorvald Bindesbøll Anno 1892". Inside inscription: "Bølli to Lieschen" A very beautiful and rare vase.

Hand-Blown Glass Vase, Ca. 1959

Hand-blown glass vase. Ca. 1950, presumably from Italy. Decorative. Perfect condition.

Japanese Meiji Period Dark Patinated Bronze Vase

Japanese dark patinated bronze vase. Embossed with bamboo and birds motifs. Late Meiji period, c. 1900. Base has makers mark / signature.

Japanese Raku Blue And Grey Ceramic Vase

Japanese artist. Raku-fired ceramic vase. Glaze in shades of blue and gray. Stamped with monogram at the bottom. A beautiful and decorative vase. Japan 1930-1950.

Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase

Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase is by far the most expensive sold antique in the whole world. The vase is decorated with gold, pastel yellow and sky-blue, and has 4 motifs including fishes and flowers. It also bears the imperial seal and is believed to have been crafted for Emperor Qianlong, who reigned between 1736 and 1795. At first, it was thought to be a nice replica and valued at only $1000. After reevaluation, it was determined to be authentic and was reappraised at $1 million. Accordingly, there were 18 of this vase but this is the only one that is left. How it got to London from China is still a mystery.

White Porcelain Moonflask in Pink and Blue Enamel

In addition to the list of the world’s most expensive antiques is the White Porcelain Moonflask in Pink and Blue Enamel. This flask was crafted in the 18th century but carries the 15th-century peerless essence and nature. The flask is enameled in pink blue and white and features a unique Qianlong 6 character mark. The handles are of the dragon scroll design and the mouth of the flask is ringed with a ruyi band. The Moonflask was last sold in Hong Kong at an auction in 2010 for $15.1 million.